How We Ship

In the majority of nations throughout the world, we provide international delivery and accept a broad range of currencies. All of our deliveries are discrete, quick, and safe. To maintain a private transaction, all client delivery information is removed after delivery. Your security is our only concern.

Our customers may check the status of their packages’ online deliveries using the tracking number.

We promise that your delivery will reach its destination safely. Since all of our parcels are personalized and diplomatically wrapped, they are free of customs duties. In order to prevent canine (dogs) or electronic sniffers from detecting the scent of your purchase, we offer triple vacuum sealing and stealth packaging on all orders. If the delivery of your order is unsuccessful, we do give refunds or replacement orders.

We do offer package camouflage; for instance, while delivering our parcels, we use game, TV, or any other legal good boxes to make it appear as though the customer is receiving a brand-new electronic item.

We do offer you expert packing and a sizable box to suit all of your orders, and we also label everything before they are wrapped to make it simple for customers who purchased a lot of items to locate them in the box. Delivery usually takes 3-5 days, depending on the shipping address of the customer. Furthermore, we provide unique express delivery services upon request.

Returns And Refunds

You have two options if you’re not completely happy with your purchase: return it for a full refund or exchange it for something different. Up to 7 days from the date of purchase, you may return or exchange your product.

1. Parcel returns must be made within seven days.

2. Products returned or exchanged must be in the same condition you got them and include all original packing and/or boxes.

3. The same payment method used to make the original purchase will be utilized to provide the complete refund.

4. Refunds must be signed and issued within five business days.

The majority of the time, this will be less shipping and fund transfer expenses, but if we made a noticeable mistake, we’ll pick up everything. Eventually, we want you to be satisfied! We are real, and we 100% guarantee all of your orders. Furthermore, provide a tracking number for packages while they are being dispatched, as well as a tracking number for recent orders to confirm assurance and validity.

Speak to us today through [email protected] or text/whatsapp @ +1 (707) 722-7831. Our customer support group is available every hour of the day to receive inquiries about our services.